About W.E.B.B.S

WEBBS is open to all Martial Arts systems and styles, all serious Martial Arts students can apply for membership regardless of creed, colour or ethnic origins.
Membership is free to selected Martial Arts students and only these persons will be accepted after consideration by the World panel.
On acceptance to the free lifetime membership, the student will receive a WEBBS badge and membership card.
WEBBS is a non profit making Society of friends, therefore only Martial Artists willing to freely share their knowledge should apply for membership.
The object of WEBBS is to provide Martial Artists from around the world a platform to display their skills and to enable contact with like minded people world wide.
Should you wish to apply for a free lifetime membership to WEBBS, you should first contact the advertised International Co-ordinator (I.C.) for your region or the National WEBBS representative for your country. You can also contact the WEBBS webmaster Kyoshi Anthony Robson.